Samuel Hayden
 Kanji/Kana サミュエルヘイデン
 Rōmaji Samyueruheiden
 Also Known As God of the IS
Personal Info
 Birthday January 4th, 1894
 Gender Male
 Age 100+
 Nationality Australian
 Relatives Leonardo da Vinci (Ancestor)
William Shakespeare (Ancestor)
Squall Meusel (Consort)
Hyland Meusel (Son)
 Occupation CEO of the Australian IS Institute
 Academic Standing Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering)
Master of Engineering (Aerospace, Aerospace Engineering, Airworthiness)
Master of Science (Aviation)
Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Aeronautical)
Much More
 Infinite Stratos (IS)
 Affiliations Australian IS Institute (CEO)
 Status Alive
 Appears in Tales Series
 Light Novel Debut
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 Anime Debut
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Samuel Hayden is an legendary Australian mechanic, and IS mechanic, and is the CEO of the AISI. He was also a veteran war hero, serving in the Australian Army during World War I, World War II, and World War III. When the IS was introduced, he founded the AISI, and rapidly became a highly influential sub-branch of the Technology & Development of the Australian Ministry of Research & Development.

After 5 years since the IS Cores was evenly given to governments, Samuel was working on a Artificial Intelligence called "Celestial", a type of advance AI with self-awareness, and enhanced cognition. Planning to use the IS, 6 of the Celestials went rogue, and was able to take control 6 of the prototype already 5th-Generation ISs and vanished.



Early Life & Childhood

Samuel Hayden was born in January 4th, 1849, and has attained in unknown schools. Due to his great intellect, he soon rose above all other students for his quick-thinking, and his extraordinary learning skills, and his photographic memory. Eventually, he joined the military in 1914, and joined World War I.

World War I

Becoming a soldier for the Australian Army, he became part of the First Australian Imperial Force. He soon went to Gallipoli in the war, and fought against the the Ottoman and the German empires.


Personality & Traits