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We have been editing 20 articles since we were established in 2017.

This a wiki of fan-invention. Fans of the series are free to create their OC's, their own storyline(s), etc.

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The Infinite Stratos Fanon Wiki, founded in 2017, is a rather new fanon wikia founded by AtlantisUchiha. While the wikia is new, it still requires some enhancements and adjustments to the site, and the navigation for better use. The founder noticed there was no Infinite Stratos fanon, and decided to make it himself, and so this was born. The founder hopes more user could come after the improvements are done, and hopes to expand into a bigger community.

As of now, the founder is using the templates over on the Naruto Fanon main page for Infinite Stratos fanon, until he is able to make his own.

Random Feature Article
Cody Cuidightheach (コーディ・キュイドハイチ, Kōdi kyuidohaichi) is an 6th-Generation IS pilot, and one of two only males to pilot a IS. Considered a super-genius by his mentor, Samuel Hayden, he choose to transfer to the IS Academy, where he befriended Honne Nohotoke and Charlotte Dunois.

Random Feature Article
Cuidightheach (ちょっと, Chotto) is an 6th-Generation IS, and is piloted by Cody Cuidightheach. With capabilities greater then almost any current IS, it is conceived to be the most advanced and most powerful IS. With hyper-acceleration, and going at hyper-speeds of mach 20, superhuman strength to throw trucks with ease, and the most powerful particle barrier with shield strength greater then any IS. The Cuidightheach is a Divine Construct in itself as it is capable of wielding Divine Constructs. Designed by Samuel Hayden, and is the first experimental prototype of the 6th-Generation IS of the Australian IS Institute.
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