Honne Nohotoke
 Kanji/Kana 布仏 本音
 Rōmaji Nohotoke Honne
 Also Known As Nohohon-san
Honne-chan (from Tatenashi)
Honey (from Cody)
Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Age 15
 Nationality Japanese
 Relatives Utsuho Nohotoke
 Occupation 1st year IS Academy Student (Class One)
 Academic Standing Student Council Member in the IS Academy
 Infinite Stratos (IS) None
 Affiliations IS Academy
Student Council
 Status Actuve
 Appears in Tales Series
 Light Novel Debut
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut
 Japanese Voice
 English Voice
 Other Voice(s)
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Honne Nohotoke (布仏 本音, Nohotoke Honne) is an 1st-year student of the IS Academy, and a member of the Student Council, and a fairly close-friend of Cody Cuidightheach