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Fountain of Youth
 Kanji/Kana 青春の噴水
 Rōmaji Seishun no funsui
 Also Known As
 Classification Advance-Liquid Substance
 User(s) Ophis
 Creator Samuel Hayden
 Weight Unknown
 Affiliation Australian IS Institute
 Origin Unknown
Absolute Immortality
Media Debut

The Fountain of Youth is a advance technological liquid substance created by the Australian IS Institute, lead by Samuel Hayden, and was used on the Test Subject, A-Class Ophis.



  • Absolute Immortality: The user is physically immortal, and is able to transcend reality.
    • Conceptual Transcendence
    • Containment Immunity/Disease Immunity
    • Death Negation/Age Negation
    • Enhanced Self-Resurrection
    • Erasure Immunity
    • Flawless Indestructibility/Absolute Invulnerability
    • Immortality
    • Infinite Resurrection
    • Infinite Life Energy
    • Infinite Life Extension
    • Infinite Multiply Lives
    • Injury Immunity
    • Life Resilience
    • Meta Regeneration
    • Power Anchoring
    • Psychic Shield
    • Reforming
    • Self-Sustenance
    • Soul Anchoring
    • Unbound Soul
    • Unfettered Body

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