"Chaos moves and shapes the world. We must continue this eternal conflict. Right, my other half?"
—Edea Crownsworth
Edea Crownsworth
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 Kanji/Kana クラウンズワースエッディー ・ イデア
 Rōmaji Crownsworth Edea
 Also Known As Brunhilde (formerly)


Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Age 25
 Nationality English
 Relatives Raiden Hataru (other half)

GRIEVER ("daughter")

 Academic Standing 3rd Brunhilde (formerly)

Principal of the IS Academy (formerly)

 Infinite Stratos (IS)
 Affiliations Phantom Task
 Status Alive
 Appears in
 Light Novel Debut Kingslayer: He Who Brings Order Through Chaos
 Manga Debut
 Anime Debut
 Japanese Voice Atsuko Tanaka
 English Voice Tasia Valenza
 Other Voice(s)

Edea Crownsworth (クラウンズワースエッディー ・ イデア Crownsworth Edea) is the true main antagonist of Kingslayer: He Who Brings Order Through Chaos. Her true identity is that of the Kingslayer's darker half. She believes in creating social progress by instigating wars to eliminate weak races and lead the people to greater heights by natural selection through the Infinite Stratos.


Edea wears a purple skin-tight dress with a plunging neckline and feathers around the collar, a headpiece adorned with jewels and a metallic half-circle frame on her back with two long strips of sheer fabric hanging down each side. Before revealing her face, Edea wears a red beak-like mask to conceal her identity. 


Edea with her mask on



Before her possession, Edea was benign and gentle. She devoted her life to helping others, focusing upon the students she cares for at the Academy. She was beloved by all, teacher and student alike, as many looked up to her as an aspiring figure. Many of them were saddened upon the news of her retirement, along with her mysterious disappearance.

Edea is cold, calculating, and ruthless. She is a master of her own will and uses other people willingly in order to achieve her goals. However, she is also bound by the rules as she explains that she and Raiden were never meant to meet and fight because of their opposite natures. She also fulfills her end of the bargain honorably yet will willingly and mercilessly kill those that turn against her, like he did with Charlotte's father Albert. But because of Albert's sacrifice, she spares Charlotte's life, as normally she would've served her and made a pact but that was made with her father years ago.


Raiden Hataru: Both Raiden and Edea are manifestations of the Kingslayer's souls; one embodying the light and the other embodying the dark respectively. Due to their conflicting nature, they are forbidden to meet and fight one another as it would be a battle out of hatred. Despite that, they can still sense each other's presence, hear their thoughts, and feel their emotions.

Infinite Stratos & Abilities

It is unknown what IS Edea piloted back in her youth but is speculated that because she became Brunhilde, her strength was nearly that of Chifuyu's. Due to her possession by the Kingslayer's darker half, she has gained the powers of the Primal Origin. She can effortlessly halt incoming attacks with her hands. She can create dark crystals from the ground that she can use as weapons. Her main armament is a crystal sword similar to Raiden's first gunblade, Blazefire Saber. She can also use her own hands that act as claws to defend herself.

She can also transform into her Akuruturuka mode similar to Raiden's but more darker in terms of color. She can also levitate and fly in the air with the use of black-feathered wings that sprout from behind her.


Edea was once the winner of the 3rd Mondo Grosso tournament, awarded with the title of Brunhilde, and became acquainted with Chifuyu Orimura and Tabane Shinonono at some point. She also became a principal of the IS Academy at one moment of her life before she retired after just one year and disappeared. Before the events of the story, she wandered inside the IS Core Network, mainly the Primal Origin, where the Kingslayer's soul was sealed. It was then that the darker half was released and possessed her.

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Edea before her possession

Edea is revealed to have aligned with several countries in order to achieve her goals. The most notable is North Korea but she is also revealed to have aligned up with Phantom Task.