Divine Construct
 Also Known As Holy Constructs
Divine Weapons
God Weapons
Divine Infinite Stratos
 Classification Weaponry
Mods & Enhancements
 Creator Samuel Hayden
 Affiliation Australian IS Institute
Enhances capabilities to transcendent capacities
Media Debut

Tales seroes

Divine Constructs are godlike armaments and enhanced Equalizers for the IS, and can also refer to certain ISs themselves. A Divine Construct can also refers to the IS itself, with Cuidightheach being the only known IS to be able to have Divine Constructs.



The first Divine Construct was technically the 6th-generation IS, the Cuidightheach. Having its capabilities beyond any current generation has. However, first true Construct was made as a broadsword called Excalibur.

The usage of a Divine Construct was for space exploration, and is meant to be used against any unidentified force from the beyond. However, when Excalibur was created and used, it caused immense amounts of structural damage to the A.I.S Testing Facility on Avalon, it collapsed, all the while literally splitting the sea apart.

When the world governments got word of Divine Constructs, they implemented the Alaska Treaty, and ban all forms of creations of a Divine Construct.


A Divine Construct possess near-limitless amounts of power and force. For example, Excalibur is so unbelievably dense, it became one of the most indestructible objects in the world, and due to its sharpness, and its energy output, it is able to cut and slice through any physical matter, and even kinetic energy or even lightning. Each of the Construct will enhance the IS beyond what that IS can actually do, and the IS, figuratively becomes a "god". However, due to what is needed to actually use a Divine Construct, most, if not all IS will ultimately fail the expectations.