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Cuidightheach is a Australian 6th-Generation IS, piloted by Cody Cuidightheach.

Creation & ProductionEdit

The Cuidightheach IS is the 6th-Generation IS, first ever IS to reach such a stage. Currently, it's still going under experimentation with the highly-classified armaments, this includes the experimental photon sword, Excalibur.

Standby FormEdit

Takes a form of a unique ring on his ring finger on his right hand.

Armaments, Abilities & Software/ProgramsEdit


  • Excalibur: Excalibur was the experimental photon sword that uses light particles, and a light-focus crystal. It can also resonant the sword to have vibration to unthinkable speeds, it can slice though diamond .
  • Artemis is a set of missiles with advance targeting technology, and can be controlled by the pilot. It is one of the most advance missiles in the world, able to stay away from incoming obstacles until it hits its designated target.
  • Apollo: Apollo is an bow that fires photon arrows at near hyper-sonic speeds towards the target. This is the lesser long-range weapon Cuidightheach as to offer, but is easily the most fastest projectile weapon in the world, surpassing the Blackbird in speed and acceleration.
  • Zeus: The most powerful IS cannon used by Cuidightheach. It fires a highly-compressed energy waves that fires into a single point to which releases destructive power rivaling the atom bombs. This weapon is deemed illegal for use in competitions and sporting events. However, it was used during a battle with Phantom Task against the IS, Shinigami, where the IS was completely destroyed, with the pilot being killed.
  • Aegis: The experimental IS shield is the worlds most powerful shield. Using both kinetic and energy barriers, it can block almost all physical and optical weaponry. Even the photon sword, Excalibur or even Zeus wont even scratch it. This is the only experimental IS technology not currently banned for use, but it IS banned in tournaments and sporting events.
  • 50. Cal Augmented Long-Range Rifle: The now main long range rifle. It fires 50, Call bullets at high speeds.
  • Kurikara: The Kurikara is a Japanese-styled blade similar to the Byakuskiki main weapon, Yukihira, and the twin blade of Durandal.


  • Hyper--Sonic Speed: Cuidightheach can easily reach hyper-sonic, specifically machs between 10-15, making this IS the worlds mot powerful manned vehicle.

Software/Programs & Other DevicesEdit

  • A.I Core: Is a device installed to help the AI, I-S-L-S to optimize, and help it process data, and information. It also called the "heart" of the AI.
  • I-S-L-S (Pronounced as "Is-les" : Infinite-Stratos-Logistic-System is the artificial intelligence used by the 6th-Generation IS, and is fully aware, and is sentient.


  • Cuidightheach is the most advance technological IS in the world, even surpassing Tabane's IS designs.
    • It's weaponry is also seen as the most advance in weapons technology.
  • Cuidightheach is the only 6th-Generation IS in the world.
  • Even since Phantom Task found the existence of the Cuidightheach IS, they had been trying to capture it, but always fail.
  • A group called the Knights of the Nine launched a full attack strike against Avalon, however, Cody and a group of Australian ISs was able to reach there in time, and had a great battle with the Nine. It is said this battle was the worst one, has it took over 10 days to at least defeat one Knight of the Nine.

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