Pilot Cody Cuidightheach
 Generation Type 6th-Generation
 Battle Type Artillery
Close-Long Range Combat
Close-Quarters Combat
Infiltration & Stealth
Divine Construct
 Capabilities Hyper-Sonic Speed
Hyper-Reactive Reflexes Enhancements
Hyper-Agility Enhancements
Super-Dense Density Armor
Superhuman Strength
Enhanced Human Senses
Enhanced Optical Senses
Deep-Underwater Pressure Immunity
Space Flight
 Araments 50. Cal Augmented Long-Short Range Rifle
Cuidightheach Sub Machine Gun
 Manufacturer Australian IS Institute
Tales seroes
"Cody, this is your personal IS for the IS Academy, do treat 'her' well"
Samuel Hayden to Cody

Cuidightheach also called the Orange Knight is a Australian 6th-Generation sophisticated and a highly advanced IS, and is considered the most powerful and most advanced IS. It is also the very first IS to have the capabilities to enter space, as the original concept of it.

Cuidightheach is considered to be the Light, while the Red Knight is the Darkness.

Creation & Production

The Cuidightheach IS is the 6th-Generation IS, first ever IS to reach such a stage. Currently, it's still going under heavy experimentation with the specialized made armaments designed to handle the IS capabilities.

Standby Form

Takes a form of a unique ring on his ring finger on his right hand.

Armaments, Abilities & Software/Programs

Divine Constructs

In secrecy, the Cuidightheach is outfitted with many Divine Constructs which enhanced its capabilities beyond what is naturally possible. Due to the Alaska Treaty, the creation of Divine Constructs is strictly prohibited, and is even punishable by death.

  • Excalibur: Excalibur is the highly-dense, Divine Weapon said to had been under such pressure, its density is so great it become truly indestructible, able to easily cut anything on Earth. The sword is a secret weapon made by Samuel Hayden
  • Artemis: Artemis is an Divine Weapon, and main long-range weapon. Taking a form of a bow and arrow, it is said to be able to pierce almost anything in existence but Excalibur. It has been demonstrated to be so powerful, a single shot would utterly obliterate the IS into nothing, including its pilot.
  • Aegis: A type of shield made of indestructible material. It is used to block against physical and most projectile assaults.


Cuidightheach possess a range of armaments specially designed for Cuidightheach.

  • 50. Cal Augmented Long-Short Range Rifle: The main hand-held cannon that is able to transform into a short range to long rifle.
  • Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi: The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi is a Japanese-styled blade similar to the Byakuskiki main weapon, Yukihira. Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi is a protoype photon sword.


  • Hyper-Sonic Speed: Cuidightheach can easily reach hyper-sonic, specifically machs between 10-15, making this IS the worlds mot powerful manned vehicle.
  • Super-Dense Density Armor: The Cuidightheach's armor is more denser then a diamond, which makes it extraordinary durable against even a nuclear blast.
  • Radioactive-Hyper Shields: A specialized shield designed to withstand the power of a atom bomb or a nuclear blast.
  • Superhuman Strength: Cuidightheach is able to exert tremendous amounts of physical power, enabling to be able to lift heavy objects, and even a truck with effortless ease.

Software/Programs & Other Devices

  • A.I Core: Is a device installed to help the AI, I-S-L-S to optimize, and help it process data, and information. It also called the "heart" of the AI.
  • I-S-L-S (Pronounced as "Is-les" : Infinite-Stratos-Logistic-System is the artificial intelligence used by the 6th-Generation IS, and is fully aware, and is sentient.


  • Cuidightheach looks similar to the Rafale-Revive Custom II made by the Dunois Enterprises.
  • Cuidightheach is the most advance technological IS in the world, even surpassing Tabane's IS designs.
    • It's weaponry is also seen as the most advance in weapons technology.
  • Cuidightheach is the only 6th-Generation IS in the world.
  • Even since Phantom Task found the existence of the Cuidightheach IS, they had been trying to capture it, but always fail.
  • A group called the Knights of the Nine launched a full attack strike against Avalon, however, Cody and a group of Australian ISs was able to reach there in time, and had a great battle with the Nine. It is said this battle was the worst one, has it took over 10 days to at least defeat one Knight of the Nine.