Charlotte Dunois
 Kanji/Kana シャルロット デュノア
 Rōmaji Sharurotto Dunoa
 Also Known As Charl (from Ichika)
Ducchie (from Honne)
Charly (from Cody)
Personal Info
 Gender Female
 Age 16
 Height 5'0 ft (154 cm)
 Weight 99.2 lbs (45 kg)
 Nationality French
 Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother†
Unnamed Grandmother
 Occupation 1st year IS Academy Student (Class One)
 Academic Standing IS Representative Candidate of France
 Infinite Stratos (IS) Rafale-Revive Custom II
 Status Active
 Appears in Tales Series
 Light Novel Debut Chapter V: Befriending the French
 Manga Debut Chapter V: Making a New Friend
 Anime Debut Chapter V: New Friends
 Japanese Voice Kana Hanazawa
 English Voice Shannon Emerick
 Other Voice(s) Sunsasee Tingeeradist (Thai)
Tales seroes

Charlotte Dunois (シャルロット デュノア, Sharurotto Dunoa) is a 1st year transfer student at the IS Academy in Class One and is also the IS Representative Candidate of France. While attaining school, she befriended Ichika Orimura, and Cody Cuidightheach.




Infinite Stratos & Abilities


Early Life & Childhood

Middle School


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